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Festive on the Streets

While everyone is still trying to deal with Diwali hangover, going back to work mode just yet is simply unfair. And even though experimenting with formals is fun, why not revel in the festivities just a little longer? Most people in India go on vacations and travel during this time of the year and since its clearly not advisable to enjoy the holidays in a complete traditional “Ghaghara”, here is how you can add twist to your casuals!


Printed fabrics are as catchy as colour blocks. Believe it or not but prints with big characters will make you look slimmer. Similarly prints that are more detailed can add volume to your silhouette. And not to forget, they are definitely more interesting than plain fabrics.

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The Chic Chick

You probably expect me to start with things like, ’Fashion means different things to different people, but my perception of it is blah blah blah….’ so let’s go with that!.

After two long days of brain storming we finally came up with the name; Actually, it took much longer because   we wanted something that would be easy to remember and I was too impatient to finally get started with this blog as well. And in case you’re not aware, it is pronounced as ‘She-ek Chick’ and not ‘Chic Chic’.

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