Festive on the Streets

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While everyone is still trying to deal with Diwali hangover, going back to work mode just yet is simply unfair. And even though experimenting with formals is fun, why not revel in the festivities just a little longer? Most people in India go on vacations and travel during this time of the year and since its clearly not advisable to enjoy the holidays in a complete traditional “Ghaghara”, here is how you can add twist to your casuals!


Printed fabrics are as catchy as colour blocks. Believe it or not but prints with big characters will make you look slimmer. Similarly prints that are more detailed can add volume to your silhouette. And not to forget, they are definitely more interesting than plain fabrics.

Add a festive look to your casual outfit


Colours are a much bigger part of our lives than we realize. Plus since I am a big fan of bright colours its always something I would recommend. Pair it up, Red and White, Yellow and Black, Bright pink and pastel green, don’t be shy. Let your creativity flow!

http://www.thechicchick.in/ post diwali look


Now this one can be tricky. I chose a completely embroidered bag with mirrors and little pom pom balls on the edge. These are easily available at National Handloom, Ahmedabad. If you cant find one, do let us help you out!  So yes, anything that screams ‘Festive’ shall be great. Refer to the links at the bottom for suggestions.

Embroidered bag



No number of pairs are enough which is all the more reason to get a new pair. And since we are talking “Affordable Fashion” my sandals here are picked from the street vendors at Law Garden. I couldn’t leave them just the way they were so I went ahead and attached strings with more pom pom balls on them. You will be able to find a good variety from where I got mine and online as well.

sandals with pom pom balls



Since we are already putting so much effort, why leave this part behind? Jewelry is something all of us have and a variety of it rather. Don’t pack up your oxidized necklace or the colourful earrings from navratri just yet. They are super helpful in creating a bohemian look. In case you are short of such jewelry fell free to contact https://www.facebook.com/jasmin.z.sheth ,she makes customized jewelry super quick. That’s where I got my earrings from!

handmade earrings

Printed sheer dress with denim jacket and embroidered bag

Printed sheer dress with denim jacket

And that pretty much sums up this look. Add some colours, prints, visually antique jewelry (or not)to your casual outfit and you are ready to rock the holidays! Suggestions and comments are welcome as always!

Bag with traditional embroidery



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