Jacket That Fits Your Mood

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The Jacket season is almost leaving us but there is still time if you love wearing one outdoors. As fun as it is to experiment with layering, what comes along is the confusion about whether to sport that Leather Jacket, the Denim one or your cozy Hoodie. If you don’t have one of each you sure should, and oh! buy them in the summer because that’s when you get them for the lowest price. But if you already do then you should understand that each one of them has a different purpose. However, let’s give “Purpose” a little sideline here and see what kind of an image it creates .I feel all of them are cool, you just have to pair it with the right stuff.

Denim Jacket

If you are looking for something fun and playful, go for your Denim Jacket. Attach a patch/cut-out at a weird angle or a cool phrase at the back and you don’t need to worry about making a statement. A piece of advise though, if your Denim Jacket has a complex pattern like mine here, then just leave it at that. It is cool enough already.

Denim 3

Denim Jacket with a side zip


Leather Jacket on the other hand is more chic, gives a more elegant vibe and of course, is leather! While faux leather jackets are pretty easily found with the street vendors in Ahmedabad, an actual biker one is going to cost you tad more. So only invest in one that steals your heart with the first look. Pair it with denims, or skirts or corduroys and a flirty top and Done!

Leather Jacket looks fashionable

Leather Jacket 1

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

And as far as the hoodie is concerned do I even need to say anything? I would live in mine if I had to. Wear it when nothing else feels right, pair it with a pair of leggings and zip it up, no one will have a clue about what you are wearing inside, or not! 😉


Hoodie Jacket view from top

 simple hoodie Jacket




Anmol Shah